Alta Media, Alta Software, and Alta Robotics are proud to accompany Techfest Mekong River and Techfest Southeast region 2020. The event is part of a series of Innovative Start-up Fairs organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology related to other organizations.

          Techfest Mekong River và Techfest Southeast region 2020

          On November 21 and November 24, there was the Mekong Delta Innovation Entrepreneurship Festival (Techfest Mekong River 2020) and Innovation Entrepreneurship Festival in the Southeast area (Techfest Southeast region 2020) by Science and Technology to coordinate with the People’s Committees of provinces and cities to organize. The event took place with many seminars, seminars, and exhibitions on digital transformation, smart cities, smart education, high-tech agriculture, medical technology, pioneering technology, and so on attracting startups with diverse fields, especially businesses in software technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

          The festival is an event for Alta Media, Alta Software, and Alta Robotics (Alta Group) to introduce outstanding technology results of self-research and development to partners and departments. This is the ideal opportunity for Alta Group to showcase the talent and quality of the technology ecosystem the company has been building steadily over the years. At the same time, create opportunities to exchange, cooperate, promote products, expand and develop markets with partners in the region.

Techfest Mekong River Data 2020

Techfest Southeast region 2020

          As a pioneer enterprise in the field of new technology, at this special event, Alta Group participated in exhibitions and introduced products and services such as:


Self-Diagnostic Vital POD

The first automatic check-in and diagnostic machine in Vietnam. The registered reception function measures indicators of weight, height, blood pressure, and body temperature. Vital POD can minimize hospital workforce shortages and shorten patient waiting time by 35%.


Assistant Robot

Assistant robots with facial recognition capabilities and information integration with other systems (eg Vital POD). The robot can communicate by voice, arm movements, head shake, and nod. It can be used at airports, commercial centers, banks, etc.


Fire Fighting Robot

“Warrior” multi-purpose firefighting. The ability to cross narrow terrain, slopes up to 30o, heat resistance up to 300oC helps the robot reach deep into the fire. At the same time, the robot has a modern sensor and camera system that detects the terrain and fire point. It can spray water in the stream or disperse to create water mist with a flow rate of 40 liters/sec and range up to 60 meters. Especially effective in dealing with fires and helping to limit the damage caused by fire.


Smart Robot – the technology of future

Smart robots integrate many elements of technology, which are artificial intelligence, IoT, data processing, virtual reality, simulation, etc. This is the core tool, effectively serving production, business, and modern life. In the coming time, Alta Group continues to develop smart robot manufacturing, integrating and expanding many advanced technologies and diverse applications in all fields of life, contributing to the industrialization and modernization of the country./.