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The packaging is an indispensable part of a product, helping to protect and express the value of the product. In addition to product quality, packaging is the first factor that affects consumers. With a professional and sophisticated designed packaging, your products stand out and attract consumers when they are displayed in showrooms or on booths.

Promoting responsibility to the community, since 2005, Alta has focused on investing in the production of biodegradable packaging, a product that decomposes faster and is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic bags from virgin plastic.

As the demand for packaging increases, the number of packages shipped increases and so does the environmental impact. To produce larger quantities of packaging while trying to reduce our environmental impact, we have invested in production lines for biodegradable packaging, and then compostable packaging. All of our products meet safety and environmental friendliness criteria. They have the ability to decompose in a much shorter time than ordinary plastic bags.

Alta’s products are manufactured synchronously on the most modern production line. From printed materials, surface treatment, the cover is guaranteed. With a team of experienced designers in the field of packaging, paper boxes, Alta will surely bring customers the most impressive and outstanding designs. Contact us now!