On April 26, Alta Group (HNX: ALT) held an online General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) in 2021. In 2021, the company set a profit target before tax increase of 70% compared to the implementation in 2020 and the expected dividend rate is 9%.

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Mr. Hoang Van Dieu – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alta Group chaired at the Meeting

In the context of complicated epidemics, the protection of shareholders’ safety is especially important to the management of Alta Group. At the same time, following the success of 2020, Alta Group continues to conduct an online AGM on the principle: ensuring health safety and benefits for shareholders during the epidemic season.

Alta Group has applied the online event solution provided by Alta Software. With this solution, shareholders are guaranteed the benefits of self-voting and discussion such as participating in the congress directly, helping to minimize travel costs while increasing flexibility and convenience when participating. This solution reduces unnecessary operating costs and brings fast, accurate, and transparent performance to congress.

The meeting was held with the attending shareholders representing 77.13% of the total voting shares. With an almost absolute approval rate, the company has approved its business plans and pays dividends to shareholders. The meeting also agreed to approve the amendment of the Charter, Internal Regulations on governance, Operation Regulations of the Board of Directors, Operational Regulations of the Supervisors. In particular, congress reached a high consensus on the policy and project construction plan for the period of 2021 – 2027.

Shareholders attend the online AGM 2021

By the end of 2020, the company’s net profit reached 48.75% compared to the year 2019. The cause of the profit decline was due to the impact of Covid-19 translation as well as the effects of some sectors must be inactive during social isolation. However, with the efforts to stabilize and develop manufacturing industries in new directions, maintain the income of operating industries, and prevent risks positively and effectively, the company completed the dividend plan of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Sales of the plastic industry increased due to investment in machinery, human resources, and market expansion. The company continues its strategy of developing strongly and deeply into the domestic market, boosting the supply of packaging in supermarkets and new retail groups. In addition, the company still produces specialized/multi-purpose products such as color-specified garbage bags for hospitals, multi-purpose plastic sheets for daily life, safe food construction bags, garbage bags Fragrant has the effect of deodorizing at home, etc.

Communication services alone encountered many difficulties because of implementing social distance. To adapt to the new situation, the company strengthens the research and development of high-tech products, ahead of the market based on combining with innovative and compatible content to create a premise for development next years.

Regarding the financial plan for 2021, Alta Group aims to increase profit before tax by 70% compared with the implementation in 2020. With the motto of action: “Safety – Development – Efficiency”; constantly innovating, creating, applying new, advanced, and modern technologies; investing in-depth to create product chains and value-added chains based on current production and business; improving productivity, labor quality, and competitiveness.

With a year full of fluctuations and challenges, all members of Alta Group have made continuous efforts to maintain and develop production. Through investing in technology, changing business thinking in the past year, the Company hopes to optimize costs, stabilize production, while increasing output and developing new products this year./.