Day of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Enterprises at Ho Chi Minh City in 2020 with the theme: “Artificial intelligence and digital transformation: New foundations and values”, to be held from November 5 to 7, 2020, at the City Student Culture House. Alta Software and Alta Media are pleased to accompany.

City leaders give flowers to sponsors (representative from Alta Software – Alta Media at rightmost)

HCM City’s Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Day 2020.

The event is chaired by the City People’s Committee, the Department of Information and Communications in coordination with the National University, the Department of Science and Technology, the Informatics Association, the Youth Science and Technology Development Center – Thanh Doan. The festival is also an opportunity to celebrate and honor agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals who have excellent and potential research projects, solutions, products, and artificial intelligence application services.

In addition to the discussion sessions, the festival also has exhibitions of products applying AI technology and topics related to learning about artificial intelligence, its applications, and digital transformation, etc. At this event, Alta Software, Alta Media participated in the exhibition, introducing products and services such as:

  • Virtual reality interactive game 2.0;
  • Self-Diagnostic Vital POD Machine – The first automatic check-in and diagnostic machine in Vietnam to minimize the shortage of manpower and shorten 35% of patient waiting time;
  • POD High Pro – “The Guardian” for buildings, companies, etc with facial recognition, temperature measurement, and automatic hand-washing.

Virtual reality game 2.0


Self-Diagnostic Vital POD


POD High Pro

Awarding the AI Application Solution Competition

Alta Software, Alta Media are also active partners with the Artificial Intelligence Application Solution (AI) Contest in Ho Chi Minh City in 2020 as a Silver sponsor. This is the first year the City organizes an AI Contest to promote research activities, innovative startups applying AI, and encourage domestic and foreign individuals and research groups to propose Advanced AI application solutions to serve life. The competition started in June 2020, with 217 teams competing with 534 contestants in the AI-Challenge group and 39 high-quality AI-Solution entries, many of the products were applied in building smart cities.

People’s Television reported on the program

Alta Software, Alta Media specializes in providing Communication – Information Technology services and solutions. Currently, both companies are promoting research activities in the field of technology Big Data / AI, IoT, etc providing comprehensive artificial intelligence platforms and integrated solutions for businesses to change new and bring optimal efficiency to automation processes and man-machine modes of operation. Towards the goal of developing AI applications for life, Alta Software, Alta Media have been deploying AI in many fields such as Information security and safety; Education; Health care and has brought about positive effects, contributing to digital transformation, building the city into a complete smart city./.